More About My Personal Brand

I'm a Typical, Emotional Consumer. I'm fiercely loyal to my favorite brands and support them with both my wallet and recommendations. And like most consumers, I openly support these brands because I like to identify as part of the tribe. But the only difference is, I appreciate all the forces at work as brands vie for my emotions. Understanding my own irrational preferences not only helps me be a smarter consumer, but a better marketer as well.

I've always been passionate about writing. I discovered at a young age that writing was a great emotional release. I've written everything from articles in my high school and college newspapers, to slam poetry, blog posts, eulogies, and best man speeches. I also share some thoughts on Twitter.

Sports have always been a big part of my life. I started playing baseball and soccer at a very young age, but fell in love with football as soon as I snapped-on a helmet for the first time. Some of my closest friendships and fondest memories are a result of my football career. I even played a couple seasons in college until a lack of sleep and lingering back injury led to a much-needed "retirement." These days, I've found it's pretty easy to avoid injuries when I stick to just watching football on TV.

Some of the Things I Love, Support, & Consume

  • Pastimes: Live & streaming music, reading blogs & articles, watching football, fantasy sports, skiing, ultimate frisbee, road trips, cardio, commuting, podcasts, Reddit, & brown ales, social media, Ketogenic diet
  • Digital Content: Wired, Fast Company, FiveThirtyEight, RadioLab, This American Life, Copyblogger, NPR, Reddit, Pitchfork,
  • Bands: Bon Iver, Radiohead, Local Natives, Tallest Man on Earth, Of Monsters & Men, Alabama Shakes, The Killers, Alt-J, Chvrches, Lord Huron, & Third Eye Blind
  • Books: House of Leaves, Watchmen, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Ulysses, and almost anything by Chuck Klosterman
  • Movies: Adaptation, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, 500 Days of Summer, Moonrise Kingdom, & Good Will Hunting
  • Other Brands: Tesla, Android, Toyota, Netflix, Dunkin Donuts, Spotify, Planet Fitness, Sam Adams, Smithwicks, Amazon, New England Patriots, Sperry, General Electric, Dyn, Polo, and FinishLynx
  • Hidden Talent: I can play the harmonica.

You can reach me via Linkedin, Twitter, or one of the other social sites listed above. Or feel free to email me:


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