Integrated Marketing Portfolio and Samples

I joined Lynx System Developers in September 2008. Lynx is a B2B technology company based in Haverhill, MA and makes photo-finish timing systems for sports. FinishLynx timing systems are used by major sporting events like the Tour De France, Olympic Trials, and Kentucky Derby. As a digital marketer, I've used social media, email marketing, web design, SEO, PPC advertising, and countless other tools to help improve the inbound marketing and online presence of the FinishLynx brand. Below are some of my favorite projects from the past 7+ years.

  • Website Redesign
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Writing & Blogging
  • Other Projects

FinishLynx Website Redesign website redesignIn late 2012, after years of lobbying, I finally sold my manager on the merits of redesigning the company website. While the old site served us well for many years, the out-dated design and confusing architecture hindered the user experience and conversion rates. We completely redesigned the site using Wordpress and spent months creating the new menu architecture, product copy, landing pages, and design tweaks. The major goals were to improve SEO, emphasize products, and optimize for web contact form submissions. The new finally launched in January 2013 and the benefits have been clear & quantifiable:

  • Unique website visitors increased 33% YoY
  • International sales web forms increased 73% YoY
  • Domestic sales web forms increased 74% YoY

athletics landing pageSports Landing Pages were created to convert both organic and Adwords PPC visitors. The content, layout, and calls-to-action have all been optimized for visitors from each sport. That includes customizing trust badges, reference events, long-tail keywords, and more. View the Athletics Landing Page

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Social Media Marketing

While at Lynx, I developed and launched a new social media strategy for the FinishLynx brand. The goal was to help improve the quality and frequency of online engagement with customers. Because Lynx originally didn't have the resources for a full website redesign, we supplemented the existing site with targeted micro-sites and a strong social media presence. Since its launch in January 2010, the social media program has blossomed into an active and engaging online hub for Lynx customers.

  • Ongoing tasks include customer engagement, content curation, brand monitoring, email marketing integration, campaign analytics, data collection, and community oversight
  • Engagement tactics include user-submitted image contests, crowd-sourced tech support, opinion polls, and prize giveaways to encourage submissions and collaboration
  • Facebook has been the core of Lynx's social media presence, but content is also customized for Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Instagram

Lynx Facebook Fan Page ScreenshotThe Lynx Facebook Page is the hub for social media interaction—where customers post questions, exchange advice, and share event images/videos. The page now has over 1000 fans consisting of customers, partners, and service providers from five continents. View Facebook Page

Lynx YouTube ScreenshotThe Lynx YouTube Channel first launched in November 2008 with a single video. The channel now has 40+ videos and they have been viewed over 56,000 times. Not bad for a small B2B company. Videos are used for product demos, tech support, website content, and event highlights. View YouTube Channel

FinishLynx Twitter ScreenshotThe Lynx Twitter Feed has become an essential social channel over the past few years. While the account was originally used to drive Facebook traffic, it has become the goto medium for interacting during live events and has a very strong following among the track & field community. View Twitter Feed

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Email Marketing & A/B Testing

Domestic Email Marketing Conversion Statistics Chart

Since inheriting the email marketing duties at Lynx in early 2009, I've helped increase package requests and online form submissions, and significantly improved email conversion rates. Most of this success can be attributed to landing page optimization and rigorous A-B testing. The chart on the right illustrates the increasing conversion rate as much as 180% over the past 5 years.

We track and chart extensive data for all our email campaigns. That means not just email subject lines, but also format (text vs. html), timing (day and time), call-to-action placement, and landing pages—just to name a few.

Here are some noteworthy facts about my email marketing experience:

  • Manage domestic and international email marketing campaigns for Lynx; recipients include current customers and sales leads across a variety of markets
  • BSG Micro-Site Screenshot
  • Increased email response rate 12% (YoY) during the 2009-10 campaign and another 99.9% (YoY) during 2010-11
  • Integrated social media metrics and landing page tracking with existing email analytics to improve data collection and campaign optimization.
  • Created custom landing pages and micro-sites to support email campaigns, optimize web content, and drive sales leads.

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Writing & Blogging Samples

I discovered at a young age that writing was an effective communication tool and great emotional release. There's something fun about choosing words so deliberately that they convey your thoughts free of ambiguity or subtext. Or loaded with both, if that's your thing. I've written everything from articles in my high school and college newspapers, to slam poetry, blog posts, eulogies, and best man speeches. These days, I mostly write short posts on my food blog and share some thoughts on Twitter.

FinishLynx April Fools PostFinishLynx April Fools' Blog Post

Some may argue that April Fools' gags are a little cliché. But I think they're a great way to build good faith with customers and reinforce a brand's humanity. In 2014, we created 2 fake Lynx products and the response was extremely positive.

Lynx print ad Print Ad for Track & Field Trade Magazine

Lynx was given a last-minute opportunity to produce print ads as part of a larger sponsorship deal. While we typically don't advertise in print publications, we saw it as a good chance to reinforce the quality and reliability of FinishLynx systems. This ad is aimed at collegiate track & field coaches and administrators. Here is another variation. low-carb blog writing sampleSample Post from My Food Blog: is a low-carb food blog I started as a creative side-project. It shows-off a more conversational writing style and closely mirrors my own voice. The blog averages around 1,400 monthly visitors and earns a laughably small of amount of revenue from Amazon referrals.

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Other Marketing & Design Projects

Below are some of the other projects I've worked on over the past few years. Click on the images for screenshots.

Kyra Dulmage's Online Teaching - Online Teaching Portfolio

Kyra is an elementary school teacher in New Hampshire. After her education portfolio was stolen from her car, I helped her create a more modern (and less stealable) online version. View Kyra's Online Teaching Portfolio

union hill associates screenshotUnion Hill Associates Website & Branding

Union Hill Associates is a strategic management and higher education consulting firm that helps universities institute a 3-year bachelor's degree curriculum. I designed the logo/website and manage the site's content, SEO, and Twitter Feed.

XMA Corporation logo redesignXMA Corporation Re-branding

XMA Corporation manufacturers passive RF and microwave components for use in communications and aerospace applications. As a graduate intern I helped XMA design and launch its re-branding effort at a major industry trade show.

IsoLynx Hockey VideoIsoLynx Product Marketing Videos

This series of simple demo videos showcases the value of IsoLynx athlete tracking technology when used for various sports applications. View the IsoLynx Hockey Video.